April Challenges

Tess and I seem to have our crafting mojo coordinated again, so we did some challenges on Sunday night. I didn’t have a computer this time, as we’re down to one desktop and my dear husband was using it, so we pre-planned a few things to keep ourselves occupied and communicated by blackberry. Tess was able to send me pictures of her creations, but my blackberry doesn’t have a camera, so I just took pictures to post later.

The first challenge was Tess’ and it was to CASE a card from page 131 of my nearest catalogue using current Stampin Up in-colors only, plus neutrals. On the left is the card that I had to work with and on the right is the card that I created.

The next challenge was mine. I love color inspiration challenges that use household objects, especially bedding or unique clothing items. So, while surfing for something I decided to use Vegas Hotel Rooms, since Tess wants to travel to Vegas. The challenge was to pull inspiration from your favorite room in the Google Image Search of Vegas Hotel Rooms. I had pre-planned my inspiration and loved the room shown on the left. I tried to pull the rich red, brown and gold out, but also the feeling of relaxation the room evokes for me.  Hopefully the card on the right suggests that to you too.


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