Virtual Stamp Night – Winter Olympics Part 2

I’m sitting here watching the overtime period in the USA/Canada Gold Medal game. What an exciting hockey game! GO CANADA GO!!! It’s the perfect time to do my own olympic celebrating with some more VSN challenges.

First I finished up the Friday night challenges I missed…

8:00 p.m.: Olympic Curling Team

This challenge used the rolling marble technique. After a day at Tess’ and a quick run to the dollar store, I have a borrowed reinker and more than enough marbles to finish this card. Here is my Bubble Queen creation using the rolling marble technique.

10:00 p.m.: Snow & Sky

This challenge was to make a card that is inspired by snow and sky. I decided to break out the winter/Christmas stamps and made this fun card.

And…now onto the Saturday challenges. Saturday was a bit of a mess. A fun mess, but not a productive VSN mess. Tess and I had planned to do the VSN challenges at her house all day, with the exception of Stamp Club in the early evening. However, Tess got sick earlier this week and didn’t quite have her prep work done. So, we spent a couple of hours doing that. Then it was time for lunch, then we got completely distracted by her enormous scrap pile. By the time we finished our first challenge, it was time for dinner and Stamp Club. ONE challenge!?!? ONE!?!?! I can’t believe it. We are not getting better at this.

So, I’m working away on VSN challenges today. The challenges this weekend have been very good and I’m having fun trying to get as many of them completed as possible.

Here are Saturday’s Challenges:

12:00 p.m.: Winner’s Podium

The challenge here was to make a free standing pop-up card.

1:00 p.m.: On The Waterfront

On the Waterfront challenged players to create a water themed card. I decided to try out the brayer my husband got me for Christmas and I’m pretty satisfied for my first time result. I think it’s missing a little something, but I fear that something might be a handdrawn boat or birds in the sky and I’m afraid to wreck my card. I love this card. It reminds of the scenery from the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria.

I’ll be back with more Saturday challenges soon.


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