Virtual Stamp Night – Winter Olympics

A few months back, I discovered Virtual Stamp Night on Split Coast Stampers. A theme is picked and then there are one or two “mini” challenge weekends and one “main” event. The last theme was Masquerade, which I thought was AWESOME. I was a little more apprehensive about this theme, Winter Olympics.

Tess and I begun with the mini a few weeks ago, but were less than inspired by that’s nights challenges. Who knows if it was our attitude that night or the challenges, but we really didn’t play along as much as we thought.

But, we kept our plans for this weekend’s Main Event.

Tonight, I worked from home and was able to complete three challenges (at the time of this posting). Here are my first three challenges:

6:00 pm: What is an Inukshuk?

This was a sketch challenge. The sketch was designed like an inukshuk. Below, on the left, you can see the sketch and the Olympic logo. On the right, you can see my card. I don’t have a lot of baby themed stamps, so I haven’t made any baby cards yet, but somehow I found inspiration in this inukshuk sketch.

7:00 pm: Hudson’s Bay Sweater

As soon as I saw this inspiration challenge, I knew I was going to have fun! The challenge was to use the colors from the official Vancouver Olympics sweater. A bigger challenge was to incorporate maple leaves, elk or other patterning. How exciting! I even just bought Stampin Up’s retired “Yukon” set to use. I came up with this fun, masculine birthday card.

8:00 pm: Olympic Curling Team

The 8:00 pm challenge I couldn’t do tonight. Someone neglected to put some of the required materials for the technique, the rolling marble technique, on the shopping list. I’m hoping I’ll have time to do this card tomorrow with Tess.

9:00 pm: Snow Blind!

This was an interesting challenge. The challenge was to make an all white card. There were only two “rules”: the majority of the card must be all white paper (solid or pattern) and all embellishments used on the card must be white or neutral.

Here is the card I came up with. I wanted to add a bit of color, but wanted it fairly light to respect the “rules” of the challenge. I ended up using a small light green border and a matching green sentiment. My disappointment with this card is that the embossing border I used caused some bending of the card stock. As a result, it didn’t quite sit flat on the card base. Oh well, somthing I can improve for next time.


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