Friday Night Fun

TGIF!!! And nothing completes a busy week like some crafty creation time. I went over to Tess’s tonight for the usual cardmaking fun. Cardmaking at Tess’ is kind of a contradiction. On one hand, we have so much fun. On the other hand, we have very little to show for it and I’m not sure either of us has any idea why this is. One moment, we’re starting what appears to be a simple project and the next minute one of us is looking at the clock realizing that 2 hours has passed and we’re still working on “one more thing”. Maybe Tess has a magical basement where time accelerates? Who knows!

But, we seem to be slowly conquering the time acceleration issue. Friday night we each got three cards done. I think that might be a record.

Now give me a few minutes and I’ll post for you my Friday night accomplishments.


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