Look Here, An Update! Paper Pal Arts Challenge

Well hello all, back again. I realize it’s been a couple of weeks. Don’t blame me, blame my friend Tess. She got me into this blogging thing and I’m pretty sure she’s the only person who actually reads my blog. Therefore, when she doesn’t update HER blog, I know she can’t hassle me about not updating mine. So, I’m free to go blogless until she updates.

Unfortunately, she updated yesterday. So, before she figures five posts in two days is enough “catch up” to start hassling me, I better get posting.

Oh, by the way, if you’re reading this and you’re NOT Tess, please don’t tell her my secret. She may start updating more often. Oh…and post a comment. Then, I’ll know I have admirers other than her and maybe it will convince me more frequent updates are required.

Luckily, I did a challenge yesterday. Therefore, I actually have something to blog about.

I needed to make a card for a wedding shower and I found that Paper Pal Arts (www.paperpalarts.com) color challenge for this week was exactly the bright, happy and celebratory colors I needed. Here is my creation. It was well received by the bride-to-be yesterday. Here’s wishing here a very wonderful wedding and many, many years of marital bliss! Congrats T & P! We love you both and wish we could be there with you. (They’re getting married in Australia, a little far for us to travel from Canada).



2 responses to “Look Here, An Update! Paper Pal Arts Challenge

  1. I will make crtain this Tess broad NEVER finds out your secret!

    P.S. Just 6 more posts and you will be caught up proper!


  2. I’m agreeing with Tess – post some more πŸ™‚ This one is lovely – thanks for playing at PPA!

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