More Cards!

Ah!! Nothing like a few days off work to get a bunch of crafting done. Some days it goes slower than I’d like, but it always seems worth it in the end. There are some days where I’m very happy the way the projects turn out.

Today’s project is a forgotten Christmas project. Actually, I didn’t forget, just ran out of time. Luckily, the recipient of this card set has a birthday at the end of January, so I wanted to get it done anyway and will send it off to her in a few weeks.

I hope you’ll agree that the box is lovely!

And once again, there are six cards inside of this lovely box. This time, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think it might be the one with the large yellow butterfly in the right hand picture. However, the Old Olive card with the tree is also a favorite.

It’s hard to say what I’m going to work on next. I have a number of projects I want to work on and a number of crafting goals for 2010. I’ll be back in the next few days with my crafting resolutions for 2010.

Stay tuned, happy crafters!


2 responses to “More Cards!

  1. awww, your cards are just adorable! LOVE them all 🙂

  2. I heart the Orange one!!!

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