Christmas Aftermath

Well, I didn’t get as much done for Christmas as I was hoping. However, everybody has at least one birthday per year, right? I managed to finish two more sets; one for my mother-in-law and the other for my brother’s girlfriend. It appears I neglected to take pictures of the set for my mother-in-law, in my anxiousness to get everything mailed out in time, however, I did take a picture of the cards in K’s set. As you can see, I designed this set to be more generic than my previously posted set. The cards in this set could be used for birthdays, thank you’s, thinking of you occasions or others.

What’s my favorite you ask? I think it’s the one using my new Bubble Queen stamp (the girl in the tub). I’m so glad I went ahead and bought this set. This fun image will definitely appear in more cards sets in the future!

Some people may wonder if I have a theme to my sets. I don’t want the cards to be exactly the same, but I am hoping that they complement each other with a common look or feel. I start by picking 3- 4 main colors and a few matching patterned papers. I try to use each color at least once for the card base and I try to incorporate some of each patterned paper into at least two cards. Then I start finding inspiration online for my layouts. I find a card that attracts me in some way and pick out what element I like, then find other layouts that might match. For example, in this set, I was looking for layouts that had several layers of cardstock. In the Thank You set I posted previously, I was looking for cards that incorporated larger areas of patterned paper. I also chose to do that set in pairs – the same design used twice, but with different images, colors and patterns.

Before Christmas, I had plans to do one more set for my sister-in-law. I didn’t have time to finish it for Christmas, but her birthday is at the end of January. Guess whose getting a card set?!?! I think I had some great cards planned out for her, so I’ll post pictures for you as soon as it’s done.

Come back in a few days to see the completed project. In addition, I’ll post my 2010 craft resolutions. I hope to make greater use of my stamping materials and finally get into scrapbooking. I’ve already signed up for a card swap that will last all year, as well as a scrapbook challenge that will also go for the year. But more about that soon!

Happy crafting bloggers!


One response to “Christmas Aftermath

  1. I love these!!!!! They are SOOOOO purdy!!!!

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